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Statement on July 8th

Updated: Aug 20

Safe schools start with strong principals that are not afraid to make choices based on their principles. We support our friend, Kurt Dennis. I am a former Assistant Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, and DPS Director of Principal Talent Management. I have hired hundreds of principals and fired more than a few, when that needed to be done. Kurt is being “fired” from McAuliffe MS because he demanded support from our school district and did not receive it. it was not the first time that he, and many others principals, had asked for support and been ignored. Then, the district became embarrassed and retaliated against him. I’ve been in this game for decades and a basic understanding of statute and policy reminds us that even a superintendent cannot just fire a principal. In this case, the superintendent seems to have ignored due process, required human resources processes, the school’s innovation plan requirements, and forgotten the responsibility of the school board to approve of his recommendation to terminate. The school board will need to vote in August to approve the recommendation to fire Principal Kurt. We have time to have voices heard. The board has a decision to make- hold them responsible for the consequences, whatever they may be.

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